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  • Focused on the Future, Built on Tradition,
    Committed to Excellence... Since 1901

Public Maintenance Facilities Along NJ Turnpike

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor was asked to collect subsurface utility data at ten (10) Service Areas on the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, and the State Police Barracks & Maintenance Facility and PNC Arts Center on the Garden State Parkway in Holmdel for inventory and integration into the Turnpike Authority’s GIS asset management system. The project sites included the following locations:

  • Cheesequake Service Area (MP 124.0, ±28 acres)
  • Forked River Service Area (MP 76.0)
  • Joyce Kilmer Service Area (MP 78.7 NB, ±15 acres)
  • Monmouth Service Area (MP 100.0, ±17 acres)
  • Montvale Service Area
  • Molly Pitcher Service Area (MP 71.7 SB, ±25 acres)
  • PNC Bank Arts Center (Exit 116)
  • State Police Barracks & Maintenance Yard (Exit 116)
  • Thomas Edison Service Area (MP 92.9 SB, ±20 acres)
  • Clara Barton Service Area (MP 5.4 SB)
  • John Fenwick Service Area (MP 5.4 NB)
  • Walt Whitman Service Area (MP 30.2 SB)

Records Research (Quality Level D) was performed for each site to collect available data, such as existing utility plans, from public utility companies and the Authority’s Maintenance/Engineering Department.

Designating Services (Quality Level B) were performed at each location, using electromagnetic, sonic and/or other geophysical techniques, including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). TWT designated all underground utilities, including fiber-optic cable, electric, gas, sanitary force mains / gravity force mains, water and telephone located 15 feet beyond outer curb lines, and within all parking areas and around all buildings. Fiber optic lines running parallel to the turnpike and into the site were also designated, as well as the entrance and exit roads within project limits.

TWT also utilized GPS-enabled survey equipment to collect coordinates, geo-tagged photographs and attributes for visible features such as light poles, signs, utility meters, valves, fire hydrants, etc.

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