• Focused on the Future, Built on Tradition,
    Committed to Excellence... Since 1901

  • Focused on the Future, Built on Tradition,
    Committed to Excellence... Since 1901


Often overlooked, the strategic planning of the site / civil infrastructure of a campus plays a key role in its development and growth.

Providing a logical and expandable network of underground utilities, landscaping, and stormwater management can aid in the uniform growth of the campus. Campus development typically happens one building at a time which challenges the existing infrastructure with providing the necessary utilities of water, wastewater, drainage, data systems, heating/cooling and power in an organized manner with minimal interruptions or reconstructions.

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor has been an advocate for developing maps of underground facilities for the overall campus, to be used as not only a planning tool, but also as a reference during active construction, regardless of whether the mapping is including in a computer-based Geographical Information System (GIS) or on simple plan sheets. Taylor Wiseman & Taylor has the in-house capability to provide:

  • Underground utility locations
  • Topographic surveys
  • Water distributions system planning
  • Wastewater collection system
  • Stormwater / drainage management plans
  • Grading Concepts plans
  • Landscape Architecture and Circulation Planning
  • Recreations Facilities Design

Our staff of engineers, planners, and landscape architects are among the best in providing a full range of services, including:

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