• Focused on the Future, Built on Tradition,
    Committed to Excellence... Since 1901

  • Focused on the Future, Built on Tradition,
    Committed to Excellence... Since 1901

Our History

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor was founded in 1901 as a land surveying company.


Throughout the twentieth century, our firm played a leading role in the design and construction of the commercial centers, residential communities and other infrastructure that facilitated the rapid and productive growth of commerce and industry in our region. Taylor Wiseman & Taylor has provided planning, design and construction support services to public agencies for the development of numerous roads, bridges, schools and higher education institutions, in addition to athletic, recreation and park facilities, and waterfront development projects.


So what does it mean to be in business for more than a century?
  • It means that we, as civil engineers, planners, surveyors and environmental consultants, have done much more than provide professional services for thousands of projects throughout the Middle-Atlantic region.
  • It means that we’ve been an integral part of the development and implementation of technologies like engineering design software and GPS surveying that have radically increased the efficiency with which we accomplish the work we do on behalf of our clients.
  • It means that we’ve worked side-by-side with our homebuilder and land development clients to proactively deal with the legislative and regulatory issues that affect the way we all do business.
  • It means that we’ve had the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with our clients that transcend day-to-day business, and are far more accurately described as partnerships.
  • It means that we’ve developed an eye for constructability issues and value engineering that only comes with many decades of involvement in construction support.
  • It means that we appreciate the value of time, and are focused on working closely and effectively with regulatory and planning agencies to expedite approvals so that our clients’ projects can proceed in a timely manner.
  • It means that our organization takes seriously our role in the industry – our role as technical experts, reliable business partners and respected practitioners of our profession – as we work to advance the industry.


Taylor Wiseman & Taylor is a privately owned company, governed by a Board of Directors. Our current staff includes professional, technical and support personnel in offices throughout the Middle-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States. Members of the firm are licensed engineers, surveyors, geologists, planners and landscape architects. Additional professional expertise is provided by our biologists, construction managers, environmental scientists, hydro-geologists and soil scientists.


Focused on the future, built on tradition, committed to excellence.
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